Jam Sesh'
Jam Sesh’ is an augmented reality (AR) based jamming platform that teaches keyboard skills through experiential learning. AR provides decreased cognitive lag time of looking back and forth from a book or tutorial to keys. Lessons can be superimposed on hands and keys to show precise positioning, spatial intervals and timing.
Everyone is a Musician
Perceptions exist that barriers to entry to playing music are too high. With Jam Sesh', the user can begin playing right away, since information is provided in small digestible bites.
Concept & Pedagogy
Jam Sesh’ features short lessons illustrating mini concepts. Lessons are designed to get users playing right away, even after the first lesson. The emotional payoff of being able to immediately use new skills encourages practice and retains attention.
Jam Sesh’s pedagogy turns focus away from jargon and music theory terminology, and instead emphasizes the universal nature of spatial interval relationships inherent in the universal keyboard layout. Experiential learning solidifies foundational elements of music, rather than teaching vocabulary or theory.
User Personas
Visual Cues
Jam Sesh’ is designed to recognize the black/white contrast of keyboard and the repeating octave patterns to align AR elements.
Graphic user interface includes color coded cues for suggested keys, correct and incorrect keys. Superimposed positioning cues guide correct hand position. When an incorrect answer is given, a second attempt is given, and then the correct answer is given and the error is stored for later review.
Information Architecture
Jam Sesh' information architecture combines several known user patterns. Files are organized horizontally a’la coverflow. Menus levels are navigated vertically. Verbal cues for a voice user interface are available at any time, providing hands free navigation for when hands are engaged with the keyboard. A master library of available verbal commands is accessible under help. Additional help cues are available for those unfamiliar with command libraries.

Surface level information architecture diagram

Whiteboarding for lesson navigation taskflow, integrating GUI and VUI

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