For dessert, please enjoy this random collection of mini illustrations, poster sprints, stickers and logos. A few sweets, just for fun.

1 out of 100 expressions of Dalmatian.

Expressive typography

Spinster: The Purpling. No one buys CDs anymore. This download code pop can is an alternative packaging solution.

Social media teaser gif: everyone is welcome at Earwig Fest.

Frame by frame animation of a rainbow Muybridge pony.

Logo for a local band of multifaceted stereophonic glory.

Spot It: Icons for a custom family remake of a classic game.

Local band Hourglasses, notable on bathroom walls around Seattle.

RoboGas: Let Robo pump your gas so you don't have to.

Dane's color vibrations.

Expressive typography poster for an all-women weekly musical showcase Crash the Glass at Columbia City Theater.

McGregor Cutieface, diagram of a Great Dane.

Local forlorn doo-wop sulk pop band Spinster, crying through expressive typography.

Portrait of the Artist: it me.

Logo! Every day is a glam jam for local band Razor Clam.

Early Bird Special flashback poster.

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